A new trend:Learning with technologies


A new trend of Education and Learning

Nowadays,digital technologies provide some groovy function.It is not only used to watch a book,but also enhance the interest,quantity of material and functions to the users.The digital technologies are replacing books and knowledge progressively.



4e9c9aa52e9d25be6d0ad95abd4be395_1000_1000_0_1In this ten years,some of the school started to use the e-book to replace the traditional books.Most of the books digitized to the digital format.Users can read magazines,news paper,even textbook through E-books.


In a ebook survey,more than 40% of children who have read an ebook.According to a survey made by School Library Journal,56% of school offer ebook in United States.It proves that e-book become a new trend for learning and entertainment.


  • Physical health(student just afford the weight of the E-book)
  • DigitalesLernen_EvolutionEnvironmental friendly(no paper copies)
  • User friendly(provide zoom in,zoom    out,highlight function)
  • Inexpensive(Compare with the textbooks)
  • Students can get a host of learning material and notes through e-book
  • Improve the skills of using technologies products


  • Getting myopiaMyopia-300x219
  • Students maybe multi-tasking
  • Too rely on using the technologies products,students might get addiction
  • E-book does not include all of the books


My views

books-570x300E-book is really a good product for the students.Students not necessary to bring numerous of physical books.Although E-books may cause myopia,when the students use the E-book correctly,just like adjust the brightness,distance,the influence will be decreased.Using the E-book,the students must bring all of the books,because all of the materials insert in the E-book.They can focus on lessons,because they will not lack of the learning materials.

For me,I am be used to watching and using the physical books,whatever for entertainment or learning.Using the physical books is easier for jotting  notes and more comfortable.It is our generation,using the physical book is our habit.


future-cityBut for the future,teenagers are be used to use the electronic products.So,the e-book  will be accepted by the next generation.And most of the school will trying to use the e-book for teaching.It is more environmental friendly and convenient. 



Virtual Learning Environment(VLE)

virtual learning picture
Click here to watch a video for the virtual learning overall

VLE is an online system maintained by a training provider (college, school, private company etc.) which allows learners to access material linked with courses.Those learners can use the computer,tablet even the smartphones to get all of the courses’  materials through VLE websites.



The VLE provide communication channels,producing work,resource hub,dynamic home page,link to outside sources,embedded context and podcast function.The users can share the information,idea,opinion and finish the work together through VLE websites.


The above video is an example of the VLE websites.We can oversee the format,function of the websites.For sure,VLE websites not only used in industry,but also used in school.The employee and students can enhance their competitiveness through the VLE websites when they are leisure.



  1. not limited by region and time8475621_m
  2. inexpensive
  3. The student has full responsibility for learning
  4. adequate learning material
  5. learning become funny and easier(students can gain knowledge by the video or picture,students will focus on and have a deeper understanding)
  6. flextime(learning when they want)


  1. multi-tasking-optimizedThe users must have basis knowledge of using the computer
  2. High possibility of learning disorders
  3. If the connection is unstable,the learning process will be disturbed
  4. Multi-tasking(users might be surf another websites,but no one stop them and control them)

My view

from_my_point_of_view_king_681795Virtual Learning is a new learning way.Students can broaden their knowledge anywhere.They can get a lots of information through the internet.And those materials are adequate and trustworthy.Users can learn the materials immediately.They are not necessary  finding the materials themselves.Also,the characters are similar to the lesson in school.The teacher still teaching the students by podcast.But it can reduce the time of going to school.


Time flies,the technologies development have a sharp increase.Most of the information can find in the Internet.Knowledge no longer limited in books.The virtual learning environment will be wildly  used in the society.





Problem Analyse LösungDigital technologies provide multimedia to the users.Users can download,upload,and read the materials through the Internet.Most of the books,notes are digitized to the digital format.Also,some videos,pictures are inserted in the websites,users can have a deeper understanding after watching those materials.The information in the internet attract users to read and accept it.


Also,the Internet provide some communication channels to the users.They can communicate any time and anywhere as they like.When they face the problems,they can ask the question in the forum or send an e-mail to the teacher.It is a easier way to uproot the problems.



BN-EE168_device_G_20140819140656.jpgAs everyone knows,the type of electronic devices are increasing.We get smartphone,computer,tablet,laptop……All of the products can help us improve our productivity.When the product increasing,people will more count on those products.We will use it all of the time.

From this survey,most of the teenagers use the electronic devices.They use it for entertainment,learning and communication.

In the future,the use of electronic devices must be increased.And the society wildly use the digital technologies for teaching and learning.The e-books and websites will replace the physical books.Furthermore,the schools will become digitalization.They will establish more Virtual Learning Courses.They can learn through the websites.













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